Monday, November 22, 2010


Ah, yes. Well, we know about prednisone, but what else? Well, one thing is that they are often included in chemo to reduce side effects, but have similar side effects of their own.

I would prefer to reduce side effects through other means, mostly because right now, I feel the side effects that are important in my particular case to mitigate are destruction of my intestinal lining.

I am unconcerned about loss of appetite (which I have anyway -- has no one heard of ice cream? what is wrong with people? I know people who are on loss of appetite meds -- they don't want to eat, so they feel weak. Again: ice cream. Most of the people I know who suffer from loss of appetite / fatigue also eat non-fat, high fiber diets just for the heck of it. You go over for dinner and they've got a big bowl of spring greens with oil and vinegar dressing, 4 oz. of chicken or fish for each diner (aka rations), and some bread. HELLO???? how about meals you'd eat even if you weren't particularly hungry? I've got plenty of those...)

How about this: which is worse: ice cream, or STEROIDS?

Steroids reduce tumor swelling, but genx breast cancers this blog is about are completely excised with lumpectomy: tiny little things.

Right now, I'm assuming, too, that my immune system needs boosting, not supression.

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