Saturday, November 20, 2010


No, I'm not a tennis champ. Actually, I was top seed junior varsity the one year I played, but the bitchy coach wouldn't even give me numerals. Nope, but I use my right arm -- as do, I daresay, the vast majority of us at this point -- for my livelihood. And I am accustomed to hauling around heavy stuff, like grey water for our lawn in the summer, and sheets of drywall, and stuff. Again -- part of my livelihood.

Any mention of the fact that anyone working on a computer needs not only full right arm use, but is also in danger of a vicious circle of repetitive motion disorder / nonmedical arthritis / lymphedema. Or put it this way: how am I supposed to work? Take out the trash? Water the plants, plant the garden, take out the trash?

OK, so, aside from the work you need to do to pay for this thing, what else triggers the swelling? Exercise, especially running (oh, but you're supposed to exercise and lose weight, right?) and weight lifting, flying on an airplane...

Typically, more of the information is about losing weight and getting shirts with big sleeves and this appearance hullaballoo than about the special sort of massage and special pressure bandages that might be able to protect your arm and lessen the edema.

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