Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I have very little flexibility with diet, although, when I consider what I may eat, most of those foods except the typical (red meat, dairy, alcohol) to warn everyone away from are in fact anti-oxidant, immune boosting...

But I mention this because the difference between premenopausal women's diet and postmenopausal women's diet seems not to have been studied, and once again, a diet which "can do no harm, and MAY help" attitude is widespread in people in the position to tell women how to eat.

"High serum levels of testosterone and estradiol, the bioavailability of which may be increased by Western dietary habits, seem to be important risk factors for postmenopausal breast cancer."

This is nice. It is from a scientific journal, http://cebp.aacrjournals.org/content/10/1/25.full.

Doesn't match the headline, "Reducing Bioavailable Sex Hormones through a Comprehensive Change in Diet" does it? Why? None of these findings applies to more than half the population of women, those at LOW risk for breast cancer (even though they may have it, or precancer), and recurrence, and mortality WHO ARE STILL NATURALLY PRODUCING ESTROGEN. [I fear that one of the rushes to induce menopause may be to force premenopausal women into something resembling the postmenopausal population using healthy ovary removal and remarkably dangerous and ineffective tamoxifen. But that belongs under a different heading.]

Ah yes, diet.

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