Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nutty Nutrition

The same books, papers, sites, etc. that totally minimize the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy also encourage micromanaging diet for trace chemicals. Huh?

Yes, chemical pesticides are not good. Do I use them on my yard? Yup. Do/did they contribute to the air and water pollution in Decatur, IL? Yes. But look: chemotherapy killing healthy cells, your body working to make new healthy cells, and to fight bad old cancer cells. You want to tell me that, in a book about breast cancer, that there are more inches devoted to pesticides in grains that animals consume before they are in turn consumed, than to MITIGATING THE SIDE EFFECTS OF CHEMOTHERAPY? That the radiation that makes you tired is also, of course, temporarily destroying your immune system, more so if your lymph nodes are irradiated as well?

This is just as bad as the focus devoted to the nonissues of reconstruction, hair loss.

Obvious, too, that they are all over the ball park with weight gain. You're at greater risk for all sorts of complications, and also for recurrence, if you are heavy. But the medicines -- if you don't carefully control them -- make you gain weight, Hmmm.

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