Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lifestyle, Round 1

Received this link and some other info. from a great gen x stage 1 survivor, cancer free for five years:

The other info. is very important too, but here are my comments on this overwhelming site.

1) I gravitated towards the balance sheet. This is an unusual document where debunked health lore is combined with medical advice. From the risk factors:

Dental problems: mercury fillings, root
canals, chronic infection in extraction sites
Replace mercury fillings with ceramic,
remove root canal teeth, clear infections.

Being infection-free seems good; I got rid of my single mercury filling for cosmetic reasons years ago. "Remove root canal teeth" seems very gnomic.

Normalize biological terrain.

What IS a biological terrain? Perhaps the folks at Terrain know.

Vegetarian, no dairy fat in diet, use curcumin
and bromelain; consider Wobenzyme.

This seems very suspicious to me on several levels, although my dad wanted to start with curcumin for heart, and I hooked him up with some tumeric rather than cheapo yellow mustard, which he'd only use on keilbasa anyway.

Immune deficiency, allergies.

This is of course a "risk factor" for everything, but also a positive thing: allergic? Your body is fighting an antigen.

Underactive thyroid; iodine deficiency.

These don't follow. Also, seaweed's not going to cure Graves Disease. I did find one seaweed that's sort of like squid ink noodles.

Alcohol increases risk.

There's info that says that if you're a total souse drinking more than a liter or two of of hard alcohol a week (if female = size), the risk outweighs the benefits.

Commercial hair dyes.

No breast implants; have them removed. << no evidence if they are newer, except that you need better technicians to interpret breast imaging then.

Go braless or use looser cotton bra. Shouldn't matter.

Eat organic. << First of all, a lot of organic foods boosters trust that organic foods & whole foods are going to *repair* damage somehow. This is not true. Also, even if you are not allergic to the organic additives, toxic additives in foods do come in "organic."

Do parasite cleanse once or twice yearly
Do liver cleanse once or twice yearly
Do bowel cleanse once yearly; replace flora

All of these are total nonsense. Don't do anything weird to your body which will upset it. I feel like I'm saying don't douche. Don't douche. There, I've said it. Oh, and don't pick your nose in public, and keep your legs crossed, but not your eyes.

Avoid antibiotics. << unless you're sick and need them. Surely everyone knows that the whole sugar/alcohol/candida thing is pseudoscience?

Use skin-brushing. Hmmm. Skin brushing.

But here are the real wacky ones: don't be near electricity, especially when working or sleeping. Don't fly. Use natural fiber blankets. Don't use plastic. Don't heat up oils (like olive oil). Don't use a sewer system/regular toilet.

I love that. What about cholera. Isn't that a bad thing, cholera? Isn't indoor plumbing so cool? Doesn't it harsh your vibe to step in human poo in the street (happens all the time in LA, NY... *seeing* human poo in the street... maybe this is part of the risk factor of drinking alcohol? you might slip and fall in poo?)

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