Sunday, January 23, 2011


Raloxifene reduces recurrent breast cancers, but doesn't cause quite so many strokes or uterine cancers. Nor quite so many cateracts. "maybe slightly less clots"

While tamoxifen protects against bone loss in menopausal women, IT INCREASES BONE LOSS IN PREMENOPAUSAL WOMEN. This is in caps because I found this NOWHERE in tamoxifen info., only in raloxifene info. Raloxifene, actually a treatment for osteoporosis in postmenopausal women, also increases bone loss. So when you hear about the beneficial side effects of tamoxifen, ignore it. They don't apply to you.

The major study, called STAR, was on postmenopausal women, though, and it was in 2006; most postmenopausal women now choose Aromatase Inhibitors.

A study completed in 2009 on premenopausal women "at risk of developing breast cancer" (i.e., with the gene)

While AIs do lower numbers of recurrent breast cancers, in premenopausal women, they don't lower risk as much as other treatments.

Since tamoxifen halves recurrence risk, it could be that my "post-tamoxifen" risk of 11% "without radiation" could be as high as 22%. The "without radiation" caveat is that most data available was from a time when lumpectomy + radiation rather than masectomy was experimental.

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