Saturday, March 5, 2011

More Radiation Permanent Side Effects

Now, it starts coming out. What WILL you experience after radiation? Hard to find out. I mean, it is not as though you're not going to radiation if you don't have a masectomy.... but can't you please let us know?

Radiation Damage of Tissues
The extent and progression over time of tissue damage following radiation depends on the amount of radiation and the fractionation schedule.

Following acute effects, chronic changes may occur which are characterized by a deterioration in the small blood vessels, cells, and fibrosis of tissue. Atrophy and ulceration of soft tissues aggravated by trauma and infection are possible further changes.

Surgery in irradiated tissue can prove to have poor tissue healing.

Radiation injury with impaired healing most often appears three to four years after treatment. It is not uncommon to see progressive chronic degeneration for 10 years+

If you have a cord, you have to work it out [physical therapy]

There is rib soreness. Your ribs are weaker, and could conceivably break more easily.

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