Monday, April 6, 2015

effectiveness of chemo at five years report

small sample, irrelevant for cancers where chemo is not typically used, but Thanks #AnnahSobelman for leading me to this line of questioning.

Very Overdue Update

I started this blog when I was diagnosed. After graduating to one mammogram a year, I found that insurance coding had changed -- that while *screening* mammograms annually are free, if they find something (which they always do --) it is "diagnostic", and so not completely covered -- i.e., "well the screening mammogram was covered, they found something scary, and did an ultrasound, which we aren't going to cover 100%". Wha? You are doing this to someone who has had breast cancer? In any event, I was put on watch and wait diagnostic mammograms every six months (again) last fall. None of which are covered completely. Scheduling the new one now -- Because of all of this, I'm menopausal, which is cool -- So, at what's supposed to be the five year mark, I'm not five years clear, and some of my friends -- have gotten masses in different parts of their bodies -- and were informed that chemo only works for two years. Going to look that up and report back!